Saturday, February 18, 2023

Death Comes Riding: Final Show with Dustin


This Saturday’s show with Deceased on 2/18/23, will be our final show with Dustin Rogers, our drummer. Before anyone was in this band in 2016, I had Dustin in my sights to play with us. I sent him a message on Facebook and asked him to join, and to no surprise, the message went “unread”. Haha. A couple years later, we kicked out Joey after finishing the (first) recording of the full length. It was an easy decision that came with a massive amount of work and preparation. I again reached out to Dustin, just to see if the message would find him, and it did. Within 24 hours of kicking out Joey, we had the dude I always envisioned being the drummer of Vacuous Depths. When we first asked him to play with us, it was to help with recording our full length record. We knew we would have to play here and there till he was fully ready, and we played a handful of shows, but that was never his intention. Once the record came out in November last year, 2022, we knew that shows would start to become an issue for him and after some talks, we discussed a transition with him in the new year to get us around Florida for this first round of shows and to help get us someone in his place before he left. He stepped up for us, and made that happen. Sadly, this weekend is the end of the road for Dustin and Vacuous Depths. Obviously, we are not happy to see him go, and we love playing with him. He is going to still play music independently. He has several other projects and has maintained all of them while adding us to that long list. We appreciate him so much for that effort and making that time. It’s been an absolute pleasure playing music with one of the best players in our area. 

We have news coming down the line with his replacement, but that official announcement will come soon enough. Please take a moment to help send off our brother and wish him well. 

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