Monday, March 20, 2023

New Member Announcement

Today, we are extremely excited to announce that we have been working with a new drummer, Gabriel Gozainy. Through a mutual friend, we were introduced to Gabriel as a multi-talented player of bass and drums. With 10-plus years of playing in the extreme metal underground as a bass player and as a drummer, he has played with countless national acts and played several national dates and festivals. The influence he has are going to expand our song writing and the background he has built through his experience is going to bring a new level of brutality and intensity to our sound that we continually push with our songwriting. 

Gabriel’s first show with us will be on April 7th 2023 with Deicide, Killing Addiction, and Three Knuckles Deep in Orlando. We would like you to help us welcome Gabriel to Vacuous Depths.

Mass Death & Hellish Deals

  We have just made public a special bundle deal for our fans! BUY 2 SHIRTS AND SAVE $5.00. We always shoot to make our merchandise affordab...