Sunday, February 25, 2024

News & Other Misfortunes

In the past few months, Emilio and Austin have been working through new material ideas and riffs, collaborating almost weekly, to write and forge a path towards our new release. This past weekend we practiced and finished up the writing process of our first new song as a four piece, entitled “Sanguine Paths”. It is a great start to a more composed, even heavier, much louder, and multi-dimensional sound we now have with a second guitar player. We also have a few songs in their skeletal forms that we will be finishing at practice with Arturo and Gabe over the next couple months. We are writing to release a record in 2025 if the material is there, but a full length is the goal as of now.

Our show with MAUL, GRAVESEND, ANTACID TRIP, and PLAGUE SPITTER on March 9th is coming up quickly. Tickets are available here, save yourself some dollars and grab them at the link below. We have a couple unannounced shows later in the year that are very fuckin’ sick. Stay VERY tuned.

Ticket Link Here 

As of Monday, February 26th, Austin has recorded an interview with a great underground podcast called Bunsen Burner Recordings. We will be discussing a favorite obscure, underground release and a bunch of other shit. Links and more information on this will be up soon.

Listen, subscribe and follow their podcast here 

In merchandise news, Daniel Hermosilla, is currently designing a sleeve illustration for our first ever long sleeve! Daniel (@nox_fragor_artworks ) is the amazing artist who designed our logo that receives constant praises from our fans. Once his illustration is complete and the art prep is done, we will be posting a pre-order as soon as it's off to print. As usual, thanks for the support, all orders that came through the past couple weeks have shipped.

Mass Death & Hellish Deals

  We have just made public a special bundle deal for our fans! BUY 2 SHIRTS AND SAVE $5.00. We always shoot to make our merchandise affordab...