Friday, July 21, 2023

Vinyl, Tape, and CD Formats

We have sold out of our "band copies" of the 3 vinyl variant colors and only have the black vinyl left and can be found on our Bandcamp store. Thank you to everyone who has picked them up from us AND our killer labels. Go support those guys, they made so much of it all happen. Below are links where you need to buy from here forward for any vinyl color variant. Each color was exclusive to the labels, but all labels have the solid black vinyl as well.


Vinyl (Clear w/ Black Splatter or Black)

Tape (Yellow or White Shells)

Link to buy here



Vinyl (Orange w/ Red Splatter or Black)

Tape (Orange or White Shell)

Link to buy here



Vinyl (Orange and Black Marble or Black) & CD

Link to buy here

Monday, July 10, 2023

Public Shame & Disgrace

On Saturday, August 26th 2023 we will be playing a sick gig in Gainesville, Florida with PLASMODULATED, ANTAGONIZER, and RITUAL HAMMER. 

Over the years, there is cities around Florida that we have never had the opportunity to play for numerous reasons, but Gainesville, Florida is one of those towns. We are looking forward to this gnarly show very much!

Mass Death & Hellish Deals

  We have just made public a special bundle deal for our fans! BUY 2 SHIRTS AND SAVE $5.00. We always shoot to make our merchandise affordab...