Saturday, October 22, 2022

Now Streaming, Flags, and Pressing Details

Today is exactly two weeks before the release date of “Corporal Humiliation”. Physical copies have started to land with the labels. We will have a full stream going live on November 1st and as we get closer we will have some more things for you. Till then, visit our website, for all ordering information, interviews, reviews, and other shit to make you more of a mouth-breather.

Some might remember from the 2017 demo release with Goat Throne Records, we really tried to make the cassette and layout of the art shine. The full length’s attention to detail wasn’t spared when we talked with @goat_throne_records and @bloodharvestrecords about what we wanted. As you know, both labels created limited colors for the cassette shells, orange, yellow, and white. The insert for the cassette is 4-panel U-card. We have loved the look of a U-card and with the supplemental art that @dahmerart did for the release, we wanted it to make a showcase on the back of the tape shell. There is a special flyer-collage in each of the formats. The CD that @chaosrecs is pressing will have its own layout with some unique characteristics inside its 4-panels as well. Were so pumped to see the physical copies and for you too hear and see the monster that is “CORPORAL HUMILIATION”!!!

We are like an ever flowing stream! “Exteriorization” is playing on all platforms today. Obviously, On November 4th, 2022 the entirety of “Corporal Humiliation” will go up, but “Exteriorization” can be added to your favorite playlists now! Please, take the time and listen, tag us, share this, melt your brains with us. Thank you for all your support as of today with your merchandise orders and pre-orders!

A couple months back we ran an online poll asking our outstanding supporters what should be our next piece of merchandise to make. We are very proud to present our newest addition to you a limited edition, 3’ x 5’ “Corporal Humiliation” flag. In anticipation of our upcoming full length “Corporal Humiliation”, we have made a limited run of flags for our diehards out there around the world. This limited amount will be pressed up till our release of the record so get your orders in! We will cut off all orders online for this design once the record is out. First come, first serve. We will have a small inventory for (Florida) shows for a limited time.

Link to store here:

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