In 2017, guitarist and vocalist Austin Thomas formed Vacuous Depths in Tampa, FL, USA— the birthplace of death metal. He recruited drummer Chris Wotring and bassist Doug Gialluca, and promptly recorded a digital-only six-song demo. After a handful of shows, both Wotring and Gialluca exited the group.

(Left to right) Doug, Chris, and Austin

Thomas would not be deterred, and took his heavy churning songs with him. Reformed and reinvigorated, Vacuous Depths launched in to 2019 with new bassist Arturo Palomo and with a re-release of their 2017 six-song demo on Texas label, Goat Throne Records.

Joined by new drummer Dustin Rogers, the band entered The Hum Depot studio with Dan Byers in October of 2021 to record their debut full-length album, Corporal Humiliation. This record shows Vacuous Depths at their most raw, furious, and uncomfortable; drowning in the influence of primitive late 1980s and early 1990s death metal. The band puts their own twist on the pummeling sound from some of the most notorious scenes of Finland, Mexico, and South America. On November 4th, 2022, Vacuous Depths released Corporal Humiliation through Goat Throne Records in Texas, Chaos Records in Mexico, and Blood Harvest Records, out of Sweden.

After the record’s release, the band was getting offers to play shows with national acts and knew that Dustin’s endeavors were only to record. Dustin Rogers played his last show with the band on February 18th, 2023 with Deceased in Tampa, Florida. The band started working with a new drummer named Gabriel Gozainy, while they finished shows around Florida with Monstrosity and Druid Lord. On April 7th 2023 Gabriel joined Vacuous Depths on stage for the first time opening for Killing Addiction and Deicide.

In December of 2023, Emilio Moreira was added as the lead guitarist. From day one, Emilio has been a long time friend of Vacuous Depths. Emilio’s first live performance with the band in Miami with Hellwitch on January 6th, 2024. The band’s new material is already darker, more layered, with an immense amount of influence from both Emilio and Austin. 2024 is going to be a punishing year for Vacuous Depths.

Vacuous Depths 2024 (left to right) Emilio, Arturo, Austin, Gabriel




2024 Interviews

Link to Bunsen Burner Recordings interview and show here. This interview and episode was an interview and a deep dive into a record of Austin's choice. All of the BBR episodes feature one record by a guest and we talked about a favorite underground Mexican DM record by Ripping Flesh. 

2023 Interviews

The Metalegion Magazine interview was a incredible experience to say the least. Please, if you are able to support this KILLER underground print magazine it is worth every penny. 

2022 Interviews

Guate Metal (video)


CVLT NATION named "Corporal Humiliation" number 5 on their Top 10 Death Metal Records of 2022. CN premiered the title track earlier, prior to the release of the record, and also gave a review here

KMAN RIFFS, an Australian based resource site for new releases, placed "Corporal Humiliation" at number 66.6 on their Top 80 Death Metal Records of 2022. The amount of releases this page posts is unreal, so to make it on to this list is a great privilege. 

Two of our favorite Floridians, the Metal Miners Youtube channel, named "Corporal Humiliation" amongst their Top Ten Death Metal Records of 2022. We respect their opinions, enjoy their show so much, and it's an honor to be on this list. Watch here.


Publications, Websites, and Zines

Video Reviews

Metal Miners
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Bonded by Metal by Roger Kjorvik 
Corporal Humiliation Review - Link

Kens Death Metal Crypt:
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Vital Vinyl Vlog:
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