Monday, January 29, 2024

Spawn of Flesh Zine - Full Scan Interview

Back in 2019, we were asked to be included into a killer zine out of Greece called SPAWN OF FLESH ZINE. Like most of these type of things in the underground, it was short-lived, but there was so much in the issue. If you can find a copy for yourself somewhere, do it. It was a great read and interview. Here are the scans from that zine of our portion. 





Saturday, January 13, 2024

War, Death, Violence, and Pain - Show Announcement

On March 9th, 2024 The Brass Mug in Tampa, FL, will host the savage barbarity of New York’s GRAVESEND. Accompanying them is North Dakota’s meanest metal of death, MAUL. Our friends in ANTACID TRIP and PLAGUE SPITTER will be there to provide the most extreme support of this bill. This will be VACUOUS DEPTHS’ first Tampa show of the year, showcasing our brand new guitar player, Emilio, our first time playing as a four piece, and we will be premiering a BRAND NEW SONG for our locals. Please help by sharing this flier and help make it a great night.

Tickets and information at

Monday, January 8, 2024

Aural Hell and Moral Anguish

Thank you to all the support we experienced in Miami this past Saturday. Once again, we are HONORED to be able to play with one of the nastiest, meanest, most extreme bands in the underground, Hellwitch. It was incredible to say the least. We also got to welcome Emilio to the stage for the first time and played with our completed 4-piece lineup. Thank you to Blood Horse Inc for bringing us down and to Virulence for being buds. We will have a new show announcement soon… we’ll be seeing you soon, Tampa.

All photos by Cesar

Mass Death & Hellish Deals

  We have just made public a special bundle deal for our fans! BUY 2 SHIRTS AND SAVE $5.00. We always shoot to make our merchandise affordab...